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What makes a good induction programme?

8 February, 2018

Why should I have an induction for new starters?

A successful induction programme will enable the effective and speedy integration of your new employee into the business.

As well as making your new employee feel welcome, it provides information and support to the individual so that they become productive as soon as possible.

Prior to their first day, you should prepare the workplace in advance to ensure that it is clean and tidy and that all necessary supplies and equipment are provided and are in good working order.

You should arrange for a designated person to meet and welcome the new employee.

During this 1st session, ensure that your new employee is aware of your induction programme.

Engaging in it from the start will support the new employee as you can set any expectations of what you want them to achieve/learn/deliver in these early stages.

The new employee should be:

  • Introduced to the business, its products or services, the staffing structure and its aims and objectives
  • Introduced to colleagues
  • Introduced to their role and provided with a job description. Expectations should be clearly discussed
  • Issued with a company handbook and a statement of terms and conditions of employment, both of which should be explained fully and signed for by the employee
  • Provided with or issued with any other important HR admin or company documentation
  • Taken on a tour of the premises and shown the toilet facilities, lockers, catering facilities, fire exits and first aid provisions
  • Advised on health and safety matters and procedures (e.g. protective clothing, rules about smoking, fire drill)
  • Made familiar with any quality procedures or working procedures applicable to his or her employment
  • Asked to sign an induction form verifying that he or she has had the above information explained. This document should be kept in the employee’s file

The new employee should then be taken to the workplace.

It is useful to appoint an immediate colleague to take responsibility for the newcomer’s social needs during the early stages of employment.

Bearing in mind any formal job training that has been arranged, you should then introduce the employee to the job in a manner appropriate to both the work and the individual concerned.

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