Appraisal Development

Solutions for HR designed the appraisal process and documentation

Case Study – Mobile App Company

Appraisal Development

The Client

The client is a high growth mobile application software company, providing creative solutions to a range of national and international clients.

The Brief

The client wanted to drive individual performance cohesively towards shared business objectives in order to further improve company performance.

There wasn’t a mechanism in place to review the future demands of the business and to translate that down into meaningful objectives for each employee.

Any support, direction or allocation of activities typically would happen within the open office.

The Solution

Following the client’s initial briefing we soon identified that employees had limited opportunity to receive feedback, support and direction with future tasks.

A process to identify skill and knowledge gaps was needed, coupled with a formal mechanism for communication and a way to align business objectives with individual performance.

The solution was to address all of these requirements within a bi-annual appraisal process.

Solutions for HR designed the appraisal process and documentation and delivered training to the management team in how to:

  • appraise performance by reviewing achievements;
  • deliver feedback constructively to employees;
  • motivate employees to drive performance to meet new objectives;
  • use the process to formalise under-performance;
  • get the employees to self-assess their performance;
  • identify skills and knowledge gaps;
  • identify how an individual’s performance could contribute better to overall business goals
  • identify potential opportunities/career paths for over achieving employees.

Solutions for HR also provided 1-1 coaching as we accompanied managers at the first round of appraisal reviews.

This provided an opportunity for the managers to develop their skills by observing the appraisal techniques and constructive language used when delivering underperformance feedback and how to develop short term objectives in support of longer term business goals.

The Result

Our involvement allowed the company to introduce a formal approach to reviewing performance in a positive way to the entire workforce.

The process enabled many meaningful conversations about the future visions of the company and identified a number of development opportunities for certain employees that hadn’t previously been identified.

This allowed the company to embrace the development needs to up-skill in readiness to achieve the future objectives of the business.

The process also identified an immediate under performance concern and an action plan with short term objectives was put in place.

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