Grievance Management

Solutions for HR handled the grievance investigations to ensure confidentiality

Case Study – Car Hire

Grievance Management

The Client

One of the largest privately owned companies in the North West.

They offer extensive fleets of cars, vans, trucks and minibuses for personal and business, short and long term hire.

The Brief

The client was referred to us partway through a complicated employee bullying and harassment grievance complaint that had been incorrectly handled and was in danger of becoming litigious.

The Solution

Solutions for HR assessed the actions to date and determined that there had been an insufficient investigation into the complaints about the Company to draw a fair and reasonable conclusion.

It was also clear that best practice procedures had not been followed as the client had delivered a decision without a thorough and documented investigation and formal grievance hearing.

Solutions for HR advised the client to take a step back and complete a thorough investigation into the allegations in anticipation of the employee’s inevitable grievance appeal.

Solutions for HR handled the grievance investigations to ensure confidentiality, sensitivity and to eliminate any bias.

On receipt of the employee grievance appeal, we facilitated an appeal hearing and worked with the client to determine an appropriate decision.

We went on to work with the employer to deliver the outcome and to develop an employee relations strategy for the future.

The Result

Solutions for HR’s involvement in the secondary part of the proceedings ensured that the final decision upon appeal was determined fairly, considering a substantial number of third party witness statements and a great deal of other business information.

Our role also ensured objectivity and confidentiality, which is paramount in sensitive situations such as this and we were able to mediate between the parties to resolve the situation productively.

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