Employee Retention

Keeping employees isn’t just about how much you pay them. Employees resign for many different reasons. It may be that a new job is far more attractive or that they are dissatisfied in their current job for some reason.

Solutions for HR experts can help you identify why people leave through tailored exit interviews and put in place frameworks and strategies to improve employee retention.

There are a variety of tools and techniques incorporating areas such as family friendly and flexible working practices, training and development, benefits, recognition and culture change.

Read our case study on a values based recruitment and retention strategy here.

Benefit Schemes

Benefit schemes are not as unaffordable as you may think and can offer a number of incentives such as retention, engagement, cost savings or talent attraction.

And they’re not just for corporates. Many small and medium sized businesses use them too to give them a competitive advantage and to be an employer of choice.

If you’re interested in introducing a benefit scheme for your employees contact us to see if it could work for you.

Recruitment and selection

What makes a successful recruitment process?  The number of candidates? A filled vacancy? Your new hard hitting sales manager who increased revenues by 25 per cent?

Well, maybe.  But how often have you been inundated with CVs from unsuitable candidates or hired that perfect person who leaves after 6 weeks because the job ‘isn’t what they thought it would be’?

You may need to align your processes with your corporate values, review your job descriptions and person specifications or simply change your assessment strategies. Solutions for HR can help by reviewing your recruitment and selection strategy and provide practical support to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

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Talent Development

For your business to grow you will need skilled and talented people who support its growth ambitions. The questions are how do know what you need and how do you ensure your staff have the right skills?

It’s often hard for business owners and senior leaders to identify who has the talent within their business – making growth and succession planning difficult.

Solutions for HR experts can help you identify your needs, then spot and exploit talent using a variety of tools and techniques.

Our approach will help you identify who within your business has the ability, engagement and aspiration to grow. With our career development plans and succession planning we will work with you to develop that talent.

We can also show you where your gaps are and create a plan to recruit and fill those positions internally or externally.

We offer a free consultation – why not give us a call to find out more.

Absence Management

Absence is costly to any business. Roles may need to be infilled or colleagues take on additional burdens, affecting morale and productivity.

Our team of expert HR consultants are experienced in working with businesses to improve absence rates and reduce the management time and energy spent dealing with them.

We can design and deliver an absence management strategy by introducing initiatives, specialist support and processes to ensure that absence rates are lowered and that when employees are off work they are treated firmly but fairly, with the aim of getting them back to work as soon as possible.

See how we can help with absence management intervention in our case study here.


Are your people structures fit for purpose? Or are they getting in the way of delivering your business goals and targets?

Like most businesses your structure has probably grown organically but perhaps you recognise the time is right to have a rethink.

Our expert team can help you take a fresh look at your people structures and realign them with your strategic aims. This could mean reorganising roles or even reducing them, leading to changes to terms and conditions or redundancy

Read our case study to see how we helped with a restructure.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

As your business evolves, your terms and conditions of employment should evolve with them.

You may require different work patterns, skills and responsibilities. The way you engage your staff may change too.

At Solutions for HR we can support you in changing employee terms and conditions, be it sales commission structures, the permitted use and benefit of company vehicles or the way in which you pay employees.

We do this through mapping out your needs and timeframes and taking you step by step through the legislative process coupled with good practice measures.

If your business is changing or if you need to check your Terms and Conditions are up to date then get in touch with us.

TUPE Transfer of Undertakings Protection

Perhaps one of the most complex areas of all, this legislation can have a massive impact on the ability of your business to move forward if you overlook employees’ rights during the buying or selling process.

Due diligence should always be conducted by an expert to ensure there are no obligations which could prove difficult for new owners to sustain. If changes are needed there are particular circumstances that must be met.

The legislation requires consultation with affected employees and fines can be imposed for a failure to do so.

And don’t overlook the fact that TUPE liability is shared between both parties, i.e. buyers and sellers.

Read how we successfully managed a complex TUPE transfer here.

Tribunal Services

Notification of a pending tribunal case can be a stressful and worrying time, regardless of how well you may have handled a dispute.

But time is of the essence if you receive notification from ACAS or a tribunal claim.

Solutions for HR can provide immediate support to help you navigate this potential minefield, providing advice on whether commercially you should defend or settle the claim.

This may include managing the early conciliation process, liaising with your insurance company or helping you find appropriate legal representation.

Get in touch if you need help.