Changes to Terms and Conditions

As your business evolves, your terms and conditions of employment should evolve with them.

You may require different work patterns, skills and responsibilities. The way you engage your staff may change too.

At Solutions for HR we can support you in changing employee terms and conditions, be it sales commission structures, the permitted use and benefit of company vehicles or the way in which you pay employees.

We do this through mapping out your needs and timeframes and taking you step by step through the legislative process coupled with good practice measures.

If your business is changing or if you need to check your Terms and Conditions are up to date then get in touch with us.

TUPE Transfer of Undertakings Protection

Perhaps one of the most complex areas of all, this legislation can have a massive impact on the ability of your business to move forward if you overlook employees’ rights during the buying or selling process.

Due diligence should always be conducted by an expert to ensure there are no obligations which could prove difficult for new owners to sustain. If changes are needed there are particular circumstances that must be met.

The legislation requires consultation with affected employees and fines can be imposed for a failure to do so.

And don’t overlook the fact that TUPE liability is shared between both parties, i.e. buyers and sellers.

Read how we successfully managed a complex TUPE transfer here.

Tribunal Services

Notification of a pending tribunal case can be a stressful and worrying time, regardless of how well you may have handled a dispute.

But time is of the essence if you receive notification from ACAS or a tribunal claim.

Solutions for HR can provide immediate support to help you navigate this potential minefield, providing advice on whether commercially you should defend or settle the claim.

This may include managing the early conciliation process, liaising with your insurance company or helping you find appropriate legal representation.

Get in touch if you need help.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements allow employers and employees to mutually agree terms to terminate a contract of employment and avoid a potential dispute.

Unlike compromise agreements, which weren’t widely acknowledged or used, there are certain procedural requirements you must satisfy before implementing a settlement agreement.

These procedures are in place to ensure the settlement agreement is valid, as the employee is fundamentally signing away rights which could be raised in an Employment Tribunal claim.

If you would like to consider the merits of a settlement agreement please get in touch.


These are decisions no business owner takes lightly, and Solutions for HR can provide you with the support to give you the confidence to deliver a successful outcome.

Dismissals are complex but Solutions for HR understand that the most important thing for you is to do the right thing for your business.

There are often risks associated with dismissal, but we will ensure that your investigations are thorough, you have followed the correct procedures and that the sanction can be supported.

We will work with you to identify any risks or even provide options as alternatives to dismissal.

To read about the importance of thorough disciplinary investigation see our case study here.

Contract for Services

Already working with, or considering using, a consultant, freelancer, coach or contractor?

Their terms and conditions and will vary considerably from those of your employees, so it’s important to be clear right from the start what they will be.

There have been many cases of ‘contractors’ claiming unfair dismissal at tribunals because the terms of their appointment have given rise to employment status and the terms of their engagement have not been clearly set out.

Contact Solutions for HR for advice on employment status and to develop a bespoke contract for services.

Contracts of Employment

Robust contracts of employment are a vitally important tool to help you manage your staff and protect your business in the event of employee disputes.

Whether you’re looking to create them or revise them, Solutions for HR will work alongside you to ensure they are fit for purpose and reflect the values of your organisation.

We have years of experience supporting companies like yours to create flexible, up to date and robust employment contracts to comply with legal requirements and provide the best possible protection to the business.

Why not take our HR Health Check to see if your documentation is up to scratch?