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We have years of experience in our team

Employment Law

We’ll make it much easier for you

Employment law can often seem a daunting area for managers and employers, so we aim to make it much easier for you.

We have years of experience in our team and can assign someone to cater to your company’s needs while supporting individual needs within the organisation.

changes to terms and conditions

We can support you in changing employee terms and conditions, be it sales commission structures, the use and benefit of company vehicles or the way in which you pay employees.

Discrimination and equality

We understand how worrying this can be and, despite how complex the legislation can seem, we’ll support you and your team with pragmatic and practical advice in order to protect your business.


These are decisions no business owner takes lightly, and Solutions for HR can provide you with the support to give you the confidence to deliver a successful outcome. We know dismissals are complex.

contracts of employment

We have years of experience supporting companies like yours to create flexible, up to date and robust employment contracts to comply with legal requirements and provide protection.

employment status

Solutions for HR will identify the fine lines between worker or self-employment and develop contract for services to set out the arrangement between parties for clarity and understanding.


We act with integrity and you will receive support from the moment you consider redundancy, guiding you through the process.

settlement agreements

Settlement agreements allow employers and employees to mutually agree terms to terminate a contract of employment and avoid a potential dispute.

tribunal services

Immediate support to help you navigate this potential minefield, providing advice on whether commercially you should defend or settle.

TUPE Transfer of Undertakings Protection

Thorough due diligence should always be conducted by an expert to ensure there are no obligations which could prove difficult for new owners to sustain.

Working Time

Our expert team are experienced in managing working time, coupled with other statutory areas such as flexible working for a holistic approach.

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