Bullying and Harassment

Solutions for HR can help you develop strong policies

Bullying and Harassment

Too many of us can still reflect on an incident of bullying or harassment in the workplace at some point in our careers


It’s often the result of ingrained company culture or poor or outdated management practice and can have a toxic effect on your business – resulting in high staff turnover, poor productivity and high absenteeism.

Yes, the term ‘bullying’ can often be used inappropriately, if someone dislikes directive management styles.

This can often lead to grievances being raised.

Solutions for HR can help you develop strong policies and a company ethos to educate employees in harmonious productive working relationships.

And when things go wrong our expertise in investigating and managing grievances ensures that issues are resolved speedily and supportively.

Read how we successfully managed a complex bullying and harassment investigation click grievance management case study.

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