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The pitfalls of attendance bonuses

10 July, 2018

Attendance bonuses can leave employers vulnerable to indirect discrimination due to disability, sex and even religion if...

When does a written warning for attendance equal disability discrimination?

10 July, 2018

Mrs O’Connor had been employed by DL Insurance Services in a customer support role since June 2005. DL recognised s...

IT manager constructively dismissed after being denied a company van is awarded £10,000

10 July, 2018

Mr A Rawlinson worked as an IT Support Manager for Catch22 Multi Academies Trust (MAT), servicing 5 schools within the T...

Zero-hours worker entitled to £4,000 in unpaid wages whilst suspended

10 July, 2018

A college student on a zero-hours contract has been awarded more than £4,000 in unpaid wages, despite taking up a new f...

Depressed worker fired for making offensive drawings

19 June, 2018

Depressed worker fired for making ‘offensive’ drawings was unfairly dismissed In a similar set of circumstances t...

Dismissed Teacher wins £646,000 in Horror film discrimination pay out

19 June, 2018

This is the case of the former head of English who was suffering from stress exacerbated by cystic fibrosis. He was d...

Employer told to pay £11,000 for creating a maternity pause

19 June, 2018

Employer told to pay £11,000 for creating a ‘maternity pause’ clause in relation to training costs A former opti...

Employment Status Update

19 June, 2018

The Pimlico Plumbers tribunal is headline news and the Supreme Court have determined last week that Mr Smith was a ‘wo...

“Bumping” in a redundancy situation

30 May, 2018

The issue of ‘bumping’ has raised its head again recently in the case of Mirab v Mentor Graphics. In this case, t...

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