And now a survey on sexism (sorry to all you men this week!)

A recent survey by YouGov which polled over 800 senior HR professionals and people managers revealed that nearly two in five senior women describe their workplace as “sexist”.

This is 37% whereas only 22 per cent of male HR professionals and managers shared this view.

This difference of opinion amongst male managers continued with 9 per cent of male managers claiming men were better suited to management jobs than women and 14 per cent of men said male workers had better IT skills than women.

The results indicate that there remain sexist attitudes and perceptions within the workplace.

27 per cent of female managers said it was “harder for women to progress in my organisation than men”, compared to 11 per cent of men with this view.

This research comes hot on the heels of the second round of gender pay reporting which identified that 78 per cent of major British companies have a gender pay gap which favours men and earlier this year a report by The Equality Trust revealed that only six FTSE 100 chief executives are women and that they receive around half the salary of their male counterparts.

It’s strange that in this day and age women can still be thought of or made to feel inferior to men.

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