As of the 6th April, the following changes have come into effect in relation to terms and conditions of employment:

  1. Employees and workers are entitled to a section 1 statement of particulars on the first day of employment.
  2. The exclusion for employees in short-term employment for a period of less than one month no longer applies – all employees and workers have the right to receive written particulars no later than the time their employment commences, regardless of how long the employment will last.
  3. The hours and days of the week the worker/ employee is required to work must be stated.
  4. If the hours and days may be variable, this must be stated and, if they may be, how they vary or how that variation is to be determined.
  5. Any additional rights to paid leave such as enhanced maternity, paternity, compassionate or study leave must be referred to.
  6. All benefits the employer/worker will receive must be included (including non-contractual benefits).
  7. The length of any probation period and the conditions applied
  8. Entitlement to training, whether this or any part of the training is compulsory and whether the employee has to pay for any compulsory training

Employers do not have to issue an updated statement of terms to existing employees with these changes although if they request one, you must provide this within one month of the request.

For retained clients, we are working through your documents to update with these changes where applicable.

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